Sydney Pavilion Artist Announcement

Shaun Gladwell, Pacific Undertow Sequence (Bondi), 2010, video still: HD video, 11:21 minutes, 16:9, colour, stereo sound. Videography: Josh Raymond. Courtesy the artist & Anna Schwartz Gallery

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art announces the official artist selection and curatorial concept for the Sydney Pavilion, to be presented at the 9th Shanghai Biennale, opening on 1 October 2012.

The Sydney Pavilion will showcase new and commissioned works by six internationally recognised contemporary Australian artists with strong connections to Sydney. The 6 artists selected are:

Brook Andrew
Shaun Gladwell
Bababa International
Shen Shaomin
Raquel Ormella
Khaled Sabsabi

Titled The Floating Eye, the exhibition will take as it’s starting point the reorientation of geography in Australia, as a result of understanding recent history in the context of global and cultural connection, and the shifting unstable references at play in Australia’s oldest settler city.

Exhibition Curator Aaron Seeto states as his curatorial vision, that “in a location like Sydney, Australia, with its Aboriginal history, colonisation, waves of mass migration, shifting economic bases and trade, awareness of the natural environment, natural disasters there is no single narrative and straightforward representative space of its history.  As people come and go, so does the routes of its capital and ideas shift – new narratives emerge and recede.”


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