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Introducing Inter-City Pavilions

As part of its diverse exhibition program, the 9th Shanghai Biennale presents for the first time the Inter-City Pavilions project with the theme “Rediscover”. Institutions from thirty cities around the world—including Sydney’s 4A—have been invited to guest-curate special exhibitions to be housed in a precinct of historic Art Deco buildings near the Bund, with the Sydney Pavilion occupying prime space facing on to Nanjing Dong Lu, next to the Brooklyn Pavilion.

Cities represented include: Amsterdam; Antwerp; Auckland; Bandung; Barcelona; Berlin; Bogota; Brooklyn; Daejeon; Dakar; Detroit; Diankou; Dusseldorf; Istanbul; Lille; Lima; Los Angeles; Mexico City; Moscow; Mumbai; Palermo; Pittsburg; Rhône-Alpes (Lyon); San Francisco; São Paulo; Sendai; Sydney; Teheran; Ulan Bator; and Vancouver.


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