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Install update

The transformation of No. 153 | 153号的演变

It’s six days out from the opening of The Floating Eye and the team in Shanghai have all hands on (concrete) deck installing the show. The exhibition space at No. 153 Nanjing Dong Lu is a renovator’s delight – over 700 square metres of untouched Art Deco interiors.

Sydney Pavilion – before shot(一)

Sydney Pavilion – before shot (二)

When they’re not busy breaking through walls, the team have been visiting Shanghai’s building materials markets in search of install equipment. Need some piping? This store has you covered.

Equipment hunting in Shanghai

Shanghai does Art Deco conversions well. This former abattoir (built in 1933) is now a creative and retail hub, not to mention a popular site for wedding photography.

1933, Hongkou District, Shanghai

1933 interior, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Back in Sydney, 4A’s current exhibition What the Birds Knew has already doubled as a photo studio for one happy couple.  Betting is now open for The Floating Eye‘s wedding photo tally. Keep in mind the Biennale is expected to attract around 8 million visitors!


2 thoughts on “Install update

  1. Hi, I walked past the gorgeous building last night (with about half the population of Shanghai!) Seems public holidays bring tons of people out for a cruise around the city’s waterfront, much like Sydney really. I Just saw glimpses through the glass windows and it looked stunning! The delapidation of the space really enhances the aesthetic feel of the exhibition’s title…”Reactivation” On my way back today to have a proper look now that is is open to public. Marianne (an artist form Sydney, living here since 2010)

    • I hope you enjoyed your return visit Marianne! Thanks for your comment, it’s great to know The Floating Eye is catching eyes too.

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