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Bababa International’s residency @ Shen Shaomin’s Beijing studio

In the weeks preceding the opening of The Floating Eye, exhibiting artists Bababa International have been on residency at fellow Sydney Pavilion artist Shen Shaomin‘s studio complex in the outskirts of Beijing. Bababa International are the inaugural recipients of the 4A Artist Residency Program, the organisation’s  first international initiative for an artist from Australia.

Shen’s studios were set up a decade ago when he moved back to Beijing after years spent abroad in Australia. Through the initiative Shen has been keen to give younger Australian artists like Bababa International access to new cultural networks as well as establishing productive connections between China and Australia.

Shen Shaomin’s Beijing studio complex

Bababa International have spent their time in Beijing shopping and workshopping- exploring wholesale material warehouses; going on studio and gallery visits; meeting the movers and shakers of the Beijing art scene; and creating their mixed media installation Flue (2012) to be exhibited in The Floating Eye. 

Bababa International inside Shen Shaomin’s Beijing studio

Bababa International out shopping

From the northern capital to Shanghai, Bababa International are currently hard at work installing The Floating Eye with 4A’s Curatorial Team. One Bababa International member is pictured here, on the street outside the Pavilion, with local ware, the xiao dengzi (小凳子, little seat).

The official launch of the 4A Artist Residency Program will take place in Beijing on Monday 8 October 2012. To register your interest email



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