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五分钟: Five minutes with Sydney Pavilion Intern Lorraine Chung

Brook Andrew, TIME (detail) 2012, mixed media

4A’s superstar intern, Lorraine Chung, has made it all the way to Shanghai to work on-site at the Sydney Pavilion, putting her valued translation, documentation and artwork-hanging skills to the test.

First impressions of the Sydney Pavilion site…

It’s a beautiful old building…with really really dirty floors.

Biggest challenge of the install so far…

Installing projectors that don’t zoom…without a proper crew!

How many xiaolongbao have been eaten?


Have you met the Sydney Pavilion’s neighbours?

The team at the Brooklyn Pavilion (right next to us) are incredibly nice.

There’s also a really cute dog that lives next to the building.

What new skills have you learnt?

How to set up projectors, how to mix concrete, how to work with artists, how to open beer bottles with your teeth.

Are there any rumours floating around about the opening night?

That the after party will be singing karaoke at the Brooklyn Pavilion and concrete mixing at Sydney.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Biennale opens on October 1?

The Floating Eye…finished!

4A Intern Lorraine Chung inside the Sydney Pavilion


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