Interdependence / Observing

Eye-conic: The Floating Eye symbols, design and meaning

So, how should we view a city?

The artists in The Floating Eye communicate very personal accounts of Sydney, its people, places and cultures. This condition of seeing the city in different ways informs the overall design of the Sydney Pavilion, conceived by the talented team at Re, part of the M&C Saatchi global network. Re have created a series of graphic symbols, each symbol representing a key concept behind the exhibition including ‘things’: Geography; Culture; History; Environment; Observing; Interdependence; Oscillating; Borders; Technology, and ‘states’: Convergence; Temporality; Escape; The Personal; Comings and Goings; Simultaneity; Demography and State of Becoming.

“东张西望”所欲探讨的是颇为私密颇为个人的悉尼,悉尼的人事物还有其文化。我们这次的设计伙伴,M&C Saatchi环球集团一份子的Re为悉尼馆量身定做的设计理念便是从这样的一个视点出发并围绕着其发展。 Re为我们创作了一系列图像,每一个图像分别代表了此次展览中的核心理念,粗略分成两类,物象:地理,文化,历史,环境,观察,依赖关系,摆荡,边界,科技; 与状态:统合,暂时性,逃脱,个人的,来去,同步性,人口结构,蜕变中的状态

Re on the design concept…

How do we discuss the attributes and feelings of a certain place? How do we share those sentiments and effects in a visually meaningful way? In creating symbols, we are really playing with language. A short hand way of describing the key concepts of the exhibition, articulating something that might be difficult to do in words. We are illustrating the interdependence of these key words to a surrounding attitude or culture, and its effect. The symbols are meaningless and meaningful at the same time, it is an interdependence of meaning and pure observation. They become abstractions of the city. Combined, the symbols create an equation:  Thing + State <=> effect/ transformed state/ an emotion, a state of being with the result intertwined by an eye – a graphical interpretation of the lens of the viewer.

我 们该如​​何将一个特定的地方收編?我们如何阐述我们对它的感觉?该如何透过视觉图像完整而有意义的方式完整的表达这些情绪与感触?在创造符号的同时, 实际上就是在玩语言游戏:这是一种用速记的方式来描述展览的关键概念,将语词难以陈述的东西用图像表达。我们想要阐述的是在被特定的文化或态度包围之下, 这些关键词相互依存的关系及其影响。这些符号同时有意义/无意义,我们意图表达主动定义与纯粹观察之间相互依存的关系。他们因此而成为城市的抽象概 念。符号与符号相结合后,创造出一个公式: 物象+状态=影响/产出之状态/因人眼“张望”交织结果而成的一现实-将观者视点具象化并加以解读


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