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It is not often that artists from all over the globe get to work on site on an international Biennale of this kind, to witness the launch of a new art museum and ultimately go through this fundamentally changing time for contemporary art in Shanghai.”

Rachel Marsden reflects on the buzz of the Biennale.

Rachel Marsden's Words

Within days of the opening of ‘The Unseen’, the Fourth Guangzhou Triennial in Guangzhou, China, it was time for the opening of ‘Reactivation’, the 9th Shanghai Biennale, at the brand new Power Station of Art and at its offsite peripheral venues across the city of Shanghai. I somehow jumped in a little on this project, very last-minute lending a hand to largely copy-edit the huge exhibition catalogue often way into the night and early hours. I love and feed off this kind of frenzied time when things have tight deadlines…there’s a certain type of creative energy that drives everyone through it, that and adrenalin of course. Nothing quite like it.

This Biennale gained a lot of mixed press attention prior to and during the opening as it was such a large-scale project which included the opening of the brand new Power Station of Art. Would it open on…

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