Environment / Geography / Interdependence

In focus: Shen Shaomin’s Landscape of Confinement

Shen Shaomin, Landscape of Confinement (installation view, detail) 2012, tempered glass, refrigerator elements. Photography: Joanna Bayndrian

Landscape of Confinement is a new installation by Shen Shaomin that dramatises the precarious relationship between human evolution and the preservation of the natural world in the name of human freedom and progress. Shen has created a frozen environment, inverting our immediate expectation of the natural beauty and landscape that is associated with a place such as Sydney. Instead of glittering beaches and bushland, the
artist has recreated an altogether different landscape.

The stillness of this work belies its tension – it relies on the production and consumption of energy in order to stay in its frozen state. It is this interdependence of energy and human comfort; traditional skills and contemporary living; the poetic and the material that characterises his Landscape of Confinement.

约束的景观是沉少明新创作的装置作品,以具张力的手法表达人类以发展自由和文明进步的名义产生与大自然之间关系的紧张。沉少民创造了一个冷冻的环境,一反我们对悉尼的阳光风和日丽的印象、而不是微波粼粼的海滩和丛林。这项作品的寂静底下揭露了它的张力- 它需依赖能源不停的生产和消费,以保持在冻结状态。这能量和人体的舒适度相互依存的关系,传统技艺与现代生活的相辅相成、作品的素材本身所附载的诗意、融合创造出“约束的景观“这个作品。

Artwork details

Shen Shaomin
Landscape of Confinement 2012
refrigerator elements, ice
dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist and Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
The presentation of this work has been supported
by the Australia China Cultural Council

约束的景观 (2012)
製冰結構, 冰

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