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五分钟: Five minutes with Sydney Pavilion security officer Lu Yuliang

Brook Andrew, TIME (detail) 2012, mixed-media

In just under two months, the Sydney Pavilion has seen over 20,000 artists, curators and locals walk through its doors. With just under three weeks of the show remaining, The Floating Eye blog contributor Joanna Bayndrian took some time to speak with the people that have seen the exhibition more than anyone else – the reliable, and friendly, security staff of Nanjing Dong Lu.

不到两个月的时间,悉尼馆以迎接了为数20,000人的艺术家,策展人,与当地民众。展览时间步道三个礼拜,东张西望博主之一的Joanna Bayndrian抽空和对悉尼馆比任何人都熟悉,我们亲切可靠的南京路展馆保安人员聊聊。

For the past two months, Shanghai Biennale security officer, Lu Yuliang, has spent his days welcoming and directing visitors through the City Pavilions project. Here, officer Lu  shares his thoughts on The Floating Eye, how the Pavilions project operates and which works he likes best.


Are you here at the Sydney Pavilion everyday?


Yes, I’m here most days. We work as Security Officers at the Sydney Pavilion for five days, and then have two days off. We open the Pavilion every morning at 10am, and close the doors at 6pm. And there’s a lunch break in between.


How many people do you think come visit each day?


It varies. On the weekends I’d say about 250 to 300 each day. Right after the exhibition opened there were big crowds. It also depends on the weather, when it rains less people come visit.


Which is your favourite artwork and why?


My favourite work is Brook Andrew’s TIME, because I understand it’s about Australia’s first people, Aboriginal people. Australia is a country of migrants. The work brings together ideas about Aboriginal culture and Australia’s migrant history. I’ve discovered [Aboriginal culture] in the present. It’s very good. And the artist’s technique is excellent; it looks great.

Of course my level of understanding has its limits. It can still be broadened. [Sydney] is a totally different place, but then again, art is a shared language.

我 最喜欢的作品是Brook Andrew的TIME, 因为据我了解这作品是关于最早居于澳大利亚的原住民 。澳大利亚是个移民国家,这作品将原住民文化与澳大利亚的移民历史给结合一块,让我看到原住民文化在现代所能呈现的样貌,而且艺术家本身的技巧更是好,真的很棒。当然我能了解的有限,但还是能持续的学习。悉尼是个很不一样的地方,而艺术能穿越语言与地理隔阂。

What questions do visitors to the Pavilion frequently ask?


They often ask me: Is the Sydney Pavilion just this level? I say yes, once you’ve finished looking, you can go and visit another pavilion.


What have you discovered about Sydney from working at the Sydney Pavilion?


The works [in The Floating Eye] that touch on environmental protection somewhat are really great. Our country also has to deal with this problem, and we have to increase levels of understanding about it. Sydney is a very clean, cultured city. Shanghai could learn a thing or two from Sydney.


Brook Andrew, TIME (installation view) 2012, mixed-media


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