Raquel Ormella

Raquel Ormella, Feeders: Black Kite, Varied Tit, Great Cormorant (still), 2010, 7-channel HD video, 4:3, colour, sound. Image courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery

Profile: Raquel Ormella

Raquel Ormella’s practice utilises a diverse range of artistic mediums including video, painting, installation, drawing and the production of zines. Displaying an ever-present concern for the ethical roles and responsibilities of the artist, Ormella’s work investigates the means by which critical reflexivity in contemporary art encourages self-examination regarding political consciousness and social action.

Ormella received both her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Western Sydney, Nepean. In 1999 she was the recipient of an Australia Council Studio Residency in Barcelona and her work has been exhibited internationally since the early 2000s.

In 2002 Ormella began collaborating with Sydney artist Regina Walter on the zine project Flaps. Each edition is guided by a specific theme, which generally observes details of social mores or localities such as teenage shop-lifting (Nicked, 2002) and hate mail (Hate Mail, 2005). Through the project Ormella has contributed to the growing self-organised, non-institutional art scene in Australia.

Another important area of Ormella’s practice is the exploration of the relationship between humans and the natural environment, with a particular focus on urban expansion and forest activism. Ormella has created a three-part series of separate and distinct works which examine the Wilderness Society, one of Australian oldest environmental activist organisations. 130 Davey Street (2005), a series of drawings on 24 static whiteboards, investigated the Wilderness Society’s use of wilderness photography and called into question the romanticised notion of the direct action activist and political artist embedded in the forest.

Ormella has been a PhD Visual Arts candidate at the Australian National University, Canberra since 2007 and was awarded a New Work Grant from Australia Council for the Arts in 2007 and 2009 and Arts ACT in 2007. In 2010 Ormella was the International Creator in Residence, Tokyo Wondersite Shibuya, Tokyo. Recent solo exhibitions include Feeders, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra, 2012 and Walking through clearfells, Milani Gallery, Brisbane and Uplands Gallery, Melbourne, 2010.

Raquel Ormella的创作广泛结合各式多媒体,包括影片绘画装置以及他个人独立印刷的杂志。他不断的点出艺术家的社会与道德责任,Raquel的作品凸显当代艺术独特的政治性,以艺术为自省的工具探讨社会议题并试图藉由其创作唤醒公共意识。

常 驻於都市丛林中的鸟类多为俗称的“垃圾鸟“,如鸽子即是遍布於世界各地的常见品种,亦有特定城市特有的鸟类。在这个影片装置作品中所呈现的是澳洲常见的垃 圾鸟印度八哥。此鸟类为了对抗病虫害保护新殖民地的农产而於十九世纪出引进澳洲。此种八哥可以靠垃圾与厨馀为生,因而与人类建立了共生关系。而“垃圾鸟 “这个录影装置作品包含了真实树木及演员的影像与垃圾的动画合并。这怪诞的影片反应了人类对於大自然的影响与扭曲的共生关系。



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